Eden Gumbesi is an International Non-Governmental Organization started in 2009 and became legally registered in 2013 under section 10 of the Non-Governmental Organization Coordination Act in Kenya.

The establishment of the Center was in response to devastating Risk behaviors, lack of health services, water and sanitation, health education and information, HIV/AIDS, STI’s, and poverty experienced in the communities in Migori that leads to high rate deaths, Orphans, multitude illiteracy, stigmatization due to these epidemics and school dropout of the needy orphans and Vulnerable and destitute children coming from infected, affected and poor families. The aim was to make a difference in the lives of these vulnerable, undeserved and hard to reach communities by tackling the root cause of these epidemic, to raise awareness, prevention, and to Empower healthy communities and escape illiteracy,  and  to promote the welfare of the Orphans and Vulnerable Children(OVC) and helping the needy people in the communities in Kenya. Thus we endeavor to begin these programs and projects.

We focuses on Youths, Orphans and Vulnerable Children(OVC), Elderly people, Poor communities and the general public to Empower and improve the quality of their lives through Economic empowerment, Environmental Conservation and agriculture, Education, Feeding Programs, Water and Sanitation, Responsive and Innovative Health Programs and Services, Service delivery, Counselling Programs and Capacity building.

We will continuously strive to improve the quality of our services and expand the range of our Interventions.


Making A Difference In People.


Bringing Hope and Transform lives through Empowering Healthy Communities.


To facilitate sustainable Programs, development, changes in negative community behaviors, attitudes, knowledge, networking and service provisioning through our Programs and the availability of better education, improved vocational skills and economic empowerment. Thus ensuring the well-being and improved life of the communities, OVC, destitute and marginalized communities regardless of their religion, tribe or gender.


In an endeavor to offer quality and efficient services to our beneficiaries, the deserving community and our supporters, we are guided by the following values:

  1. Services to the Orphaned and Vulnerable Children, the poor and undeserved communities is a priority.
  2. Accountability and transparency to ensure Credibility.
  3. Openness to feedback and Ideas to ensure we are Creative and Innovative.
  4. Stakeholders’ participation because Community based Solutions is the key to Success.

We develop programs that take into account the Holistic needs of the Communities we serve. These programs are integrated to create synergy and emphasize a community Support model.

All our programs are within EDEN-GUMBESI CENTER (EGC) Frame work.