EGC focusing on giving/providing a home for the Orphans, Learning Centre, Clinic and Clean water to the Orphans and the Community in Kenya and in the world.

EGC develops programs that take into account the Holistic needs of the Community and includes:

Orphans and Vulnerable Children Care and Support, Feeding Programs, Child Endangerment, Health promotion and Reproductive programs, Health services, Evidence Based Interventions (EBI’s) e.g. (Families Matter Programs(FMP) , Healthy Choices1and Healthy Choices2,EBAN K-targeting discordant Couples, HIV-Prevention, and other Reproductive Health programmes ,Handling Fear, Trainings, Facilitations, Mentorships, Consultancy, Supervision, Counseling Programs, Capacity Building and Economic Empowerment , Vocational and Entrepreneurial Skills Training. These programs are integrated to create synergy and emphasize a community Support model.

EGC aims to implements all its programs within EDEN-GUMBESI CENTRE (EGC) Frame work.